The future of public education is at stake. Vote to save our schools by voting on August 30th in the primary election for Stacie P. Dern for Duval County school board seat 7. 

Early Voting begins on August 15th through August 28th at these locations

Democracy is fostered through an educational system that is public. Information and knowledge are crucial to the survival of our America. We need to empower teachers and turn our classrooms into creative, collaborative learning spaces where students work together sharing ideas guided by the teacher. Integration of knowledge and long-term retention is key to a successful future.

Vote for me, Stacie P. Dern for a successful future

My commitment to our community  

I will bring my strong sense of fairness, equality, and community. I will collaborate honorably with other members to ensure all students have access to a safe and excellent education.  I will stay true to my vision of all children developing in all areas of education and arts, because every child deserves the chance to exceed. My focus will be on legislative policies to guarantee that our principals, teachers, students, and the families of Duval are granted the best we can give.

Teachers will be left to teach while I concentrate my efforts on legislation and policy in order to secure every available resource needed to successfully engage all our children, at every level, in arts, physical education, academics, and social skills. 

To be great, we need every school to be great.

My goal is to bring pride back to teaching and back to the families in Duval. I will always remember I am one person, with one voice, which represents the voices of many people. It is my oath and duty as an elected official, to stay true to the goal of Duval transcending in all areas, to come prepared to defend those I represent, and never accept anything but excellence for the people I serve. The children of Duval County, including my own, deserve a school board member who will work and vote for the progress and longevity of Duval Public Schools. Our children deserve the type of commitment I am willing to give- every day- for every student- in every school.

Vote for me, Stacie P. Dern, if you want your school and Duval County  to be a source of academic pride. 


Quality education for every child 



First Coast News Story on Recess in Duval. Yes I am in the story because when I see a problem, I don't just complain, I take action.  

The school board is the legislative body that sets policies for our schools. I believe in order to succeed, we need to ensure our teachers have the support they need to elevate students to their highest level. It is our job to create an environment where we teach to the whole child. Our children need to feel safe and secure in order to absorb the information of our practitioners, who daily, work with our children with the only goal of improving their lives. Help me help our children to bring  hope to the educational system.

Stacie P. Dern, Candidate For Duval County School Board, seat 7

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Stacie P Dern, candidate for Duval County School Board, seat 7. 

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